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Murrayfield Gardens, Edinburgh

Follow the Sun

The brief from the couple was to create a larger patio, opening out from two different French doors at the back of the house. This was to be an attractive, sociable, and entertaining space but also to follow the sun to create a relaxing morning coffee spot and a  sociable dining space in the late evening sun. 

The back flower border had to be created and planted with planting sympathetic to a large hedge that gave shade and reduced rain water. The side flower beds were widened to allow for more depth of planting. 

A lovely sleeper bench was built at the fence where the relaxing area is, creating an informal seating area. A triangular flower bed was built from sleepers, continuing a theme in the middle of the patio area, to break up the continual line of the slabs and accentuate the slight height difference over the garden. Some inherited and sentimental troughs and boulders were included and worked into the design at the couple’s request.