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Cameron Toll, Edinburgh

Creating a Multipurpose Garden

This outdoor space was to be somewhere for the family to play, as well as for entertaining and pottering. A new wall was built between this house and the neighbour’s, meaning planning permission approval was taken into account. The garden slopped down by 3.5m from the front pavement to the back garden wall, and a live telephone pole had to be accessed.

The garden was stripped back before any work could start. Three levels were constructed to accommodate the 3.5m slope; sleepers were used to section off the different lawn levels and flower beds. The patio areas were marked out and paved in natural sandstone and flower beds were populated using the pre-discussed plant plan. The end result was very satisfying to both client, landscaper and designer.

The front garden, also on a slope, had to account for drainage at the garage and path to the house. All this was worked in to the plan and build. A seat in the sun, coming home from school, was the criteria for a small patio at the front door. Planting fragrant plants beside the seat were on the list.