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Warriston, Edinburgh

Back Garden Sunshine

This is a mid-terraced house where the entire old garden came out through the house and the entire new garden went in through the house. The landscaper lined the hallway and kitchen with tarpaulin to minimise the dirt and damage to the inside of the house.

The brief was to have a small patio area running along the back of the house for the morning sun, a small seating area midway for two seats to catch the mid afternoon sun and a wiggly path from the kitchen door to the patio at the end of the garden for the evening sun. The whole garden was lifted, levelled, and prepared. A new hut was ordered and built on site at the end of the garden. 

The path made from sleepers, filled with Scottish pebbles and framed with edging stones, laid on their sides, constructed to level with the new turf to be laid. As this was January the turf was not to be laid until March. The patios were constructed and the flower beds marked out. We worked on the plant plan ready for an early March planting. Seasonal, evergreen plants to the clients brief were ordered, delivered and planted before the lawn was laid.

New turf arrived and was laid with great care and one year on the garden is complete and looking mature and colourful.